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About Us

MTG was founded in 2011. MTG is an elite boutique talent agency and event organizer. Our goal is to provide the talents that our clients want and to build successful careers for our talents. We are dedicated to drawing professional, experienced and new faces from across the globe. We have developed a reputation as a trusted agency of choice for talents and clients.

MTG is redefining the industry by giving birth to new models. MTG continues to be at the forefront of fashion by establishing the careers of our talents on a holistic level – and setting trends within the industry. MTG’s belief in the importance of empowering our talents and promoting diversity is driving the industry towards inclusion.

Currently, MTG works alongside a trusted network of agencies around the world. As MTG moves towards a new chapter in our iconic legacy, we invite you to help define what is to come with us.



At MTG we embrace diversity, change and inclusiveness. We aim to empower the talent we represent so that their voices can be heard. We believe we are not just a company, but a community. A community that is a safe heaven for our talent, where we supply them with the support to be their true selves – where all are encouraged to be bold and brave.

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